The Ministry of Health Singapore estimates that one in two healthy Singaporeans aged 65 could become severely disabled in their lifetime and could require long-term care1. This could be your reality if you don't take care of your muscles now.

Take the 'stand-up test'2 now to check if you are at risk

Cross your arms and place them in front of your chest
Stand up from a seated position on one leg
Hold it for 3 seconds

Words of caution

  • Be careful not to strain or injure yourself.
  • Stop challenge immediately if your knees start to hurt.
  • Don't lean back to gain momentum or you may topple backwards.
  • Do the test when you have a friend or family member around to support you.
  • Do not try the test if you have had a recent fall or injury.

If you can't stand up from the chair on one leg now, you have high risk of not being able to walk in your 70's and beyond3,7.

act now to stop frailty

Watch how Singaporeans fare

Think you can do better?

If you are in your 40s or 50s, you should be on "high alert" because starting from your 40s, you can naturally lose up to 8% of muscle every decade, and after 70 that rate almost doubles to 15%!4

Low muscle mass contributes to frailty, increasing your risk of falls, immobility, hospitalization, disability and even death.

The good news is, while ageing is a natural process, the loss of muscle mass is not.

How to participate?

1) Upload a video of yourself or a group doing the challenge with a 40cm chair

2) Tag @AbbottFamilySG and use #Stand4Strength

3) Abbott will comment on your post for the voucher collection and the most creative post will also be chosen to win the cruise tickets

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Closing Date: 30 May 2019